Darcy Pariso

Darcy-with-pups(From Darcy’s website: www.darcypariso.com)

I love spending time at the beach; whether walking with a friend, playing with my dogs’ or watching a sunset. I enjoy socializing, a good book or workshop, nature, and laughter. Music has been in my life since early childhood. I get words to songs stuck in my head but rarely the name of the song!  My interest in traveling has spiked after spending time in Europe recently. I’m a mom and live with two dogs and a cat. Animals have  always been some of my greatest teachers.

My passion for spirituality and self-development was sparked long ago through my travels with the airlines. While observing prayer wheel traditions in Japan and lifestyles of Buddhist monks in Thailand, I developed an interest in world religions and cultures. Soon I began a life-long quest to understand and deepen my own spirituality.

In early 2011, I was introduced to the healing arts and became certified as a Reiki Master. It was during my first Reiki I class, the instructor and classmates saw Angels around me, working with me and guiding me. It was wonderful validation as I had felt their presence many times throughout my life.

As my clients received Reiki’s healing energy, I worked with  the Angels and  received messages from their loved ones and pets that had crossed over. My life changed dramatically! I immediately enrolled in an introductory 8-week Mediumship program, then followed quickly with advanced programs and workshops in both Mediumship and Animal Communication.

After seeing clients in my home the past 3 years, I made the decision to leave my job and honor my gift.  In March, 2014,  I traveled to England to attend the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Psychic Sciences.  It was at this time that I  also learned I was working with and channeling St. Francis of Assisi  and  Archangel Gabriel during my readings.

I continue to use Reiki’s energy to assist and help with any healing during my work. I am  following my guidance to be a voice for spirit, loved ones and the animals.


November 11, 2016


September 4, 2015