Carole Cravath

Carole Cravath is a Intuition Master Teacher, Healing Instructor, Dream Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Children’s Programs, Intuitive Consultant Author,Speaker. She writes, that “analyzing comes from one level of our mind, and intuition another. Analyzing is a mental activity that makes comparisons, and breaks things down into their component parts. It is a left brain function. It can’t see the big picture, what another person really feels, or know what’s truly best for us. It can’t see the future.

Intuition can! Intuition delivers direct truth to us without any conscious thought! It simply knows without any rational thinking. It is a higher intelligence, because it can see the future, know how others really feel, and it can provide us with accurate answers about what’s best for us in any situation. Intuitive knowing comes to us through feelings, our inner voice, bodily sensations, hunches, and inner pictures and symbols. We can know in advance what course of action will produce positive results and which choice is best. We are biologically wired for higher intelligence and it is a natural part of our awareness. Intuition is truly a gift worth developing”.

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October 12, 2018 (30 minutes in, 30 minute interview)