Carol Noonan

Carol Noonan has been in contact with the Pleiadians for decades; she is also a psychic and a medium who is now living in Portsmouth, England.

During her childhood, she had many spiritual experiences with her guides often talking and singing to her to help get her through. Spirit was a constant occurrence, surrounding her with love and support, especially her deceased granddad and she was well aware of them. While she spent time in Ireland living at her grandparent’s house, she was often outside in the garden playing with the fairies (nature spirits) and many an eye watched her as she talked with them, not understanding. She was considered “different” from a very early age.

Carol left that world and continued on her spiritual quest of learning, attending many different spiritual churches in the UK. She began to study spiritual subjects & offer healing and mediumship using different tools such as the crystal ball. She studied Holistic Therapies in Bristol college of Further Education in England. During this time she began to work for the Police with missing person/s cases in Bristol, UK and she began to work professionally as a medium.

She took vows as a Buddhist and shaved her hair with the intention of becoming a Buddhist nun “Ani” instead she was sent by the Buddhist retreat to Nepal as a volunteer initially for three months but stayed for a year. Whilst in Nepal she married a Buddhist monk. Separating in 2009, she moved to Ireland. She needed peace and quiet to focus on her channelled writing and took a house on the beach in Louisburgh, County Mayo to do so. It was here that her connection to the Pleiadians began to develop and reach new heights.

In 2010/2011 she realised she was channelling the Pleiadians. In 2012 she began her Shamanic studies with her teacher Paul O’Halloran in Galway, Ireland. It was during her studies she began to have memories of the Pleiadians having connected to her as a child, and even beyond that, in previous lifetimes. This period of her life was besieged with her own questions such as who in their right mind is going to believe me? And, why me? Yet she continued to have profound experiences with the Pleiadians and channel them.

Carol says “You do not wake up one day and suddenly say or announce that you are a channel for the Pleiadians, it is a long, and personal journey of self-discovery.”

Finally coming to a place within herself where she is comfortable in herself, and being able to share her uniqueness and her connection to the Pleiadians and Jesus, along with her childhood spiritual experiences has taken many years. She is not your average psychic or medium.

Her first book “The Pleiadian Child” is about her early childhood experiences and channelled information directly from the Pleiadians. She is about to start work on her second book.

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Her media work includes magazine articles and radio interviews, including: My Spirit Radio, Westport Radio, Predictions magazine, Woman’s Way, The Sun newspaper, Bill Peters on the Slice, with Maarten Horst on ET First Contact Radio.

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