BK Shivani and Maureen and Rachael

With 110 million viewers on her You Tube channel, and nearly three million followers on her Facebook page, Shivani is one of the world’s best known positive spiritual people who is really helping to make this world a much better and happier place.  Maureen and Rachael are with the London Center for the Brahma Kumari spiritual center in London,England.

She and her followers are wonderful people who are helping to shift the world from the material to the spiritual.  She writes that, “I am a powerful being; I empower everyone I meet.  I appreciate them for who they are.  Today I share with each one their qualities which make them beautiful souls.  I can see only goodness in every being.” She also believes that “the world survive only when we’re together.”



June 28, 2019 (starting at approximately 18:30)