Aurelian Rado

Aurelian is a lightworker based in the Seattle who regularly sees orbs and fairies from the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions. He will explain how they come to him (we have included a few photos below of fairies in his backyard) and how the fairies help protect him and help his fruit trees produce an abundance of fruit every year.

He is also a practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) — a unique method developed by  international regressive hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon that enables individuals to access information, answers, and healing via an induced state of trance and visualization. Aurelian established Quantum Healing Seattle where he shares his expertise, knowledge, and insights with a wide and diverse client base.

The positive impact of Aurelian’s effective QHHT techniques and his strong dedication to his clients in their pursuit of better health, inner peace and balance are documented, widely praised, and valued consistently in testimonials on his Web site

Recently, Aurelian has been in South America exploring alternative meditation techniques. Additionally, Aurelian is an avid photographer of fairies and other entities.

January 25, 2019