Anton Fedorenko

Anton Fedorenko is a water researcher who has discovered that water has memory! Along with other European scientists, he has validated that French Scientist Jean Benveniste was right that water has memory – see:

In 1988, the world’s foremost scientific journal, Nature, rocked the scientific world and the media with a paper that appeared to demonstrate that homeopathy worked, according to the Guardian in England .

A team of French allergy researchers led by Jacques Benveniste, who died (in 2004 under mysterious circumstances …), described how an allergy test worked even when the reagent – the substance to be used in the chemical reaction – was so diluted with water that the odds were against a single molecule remaining.

Benveniste, a biologist and immunologist, argued that the water used for dilution “remembered” the molecule that had been diluted out of existence”. Many other scientists have confirmed that Professor Benveniste was right – see: Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles by professor B.Surinov, Ph.D in Biology, immunologist, and his co-authors.

On October 26th to 29th, 2017, there will be a major international water conference in Sofia, Bulgaria where scientists will be presenting additional evidence at Professor Benveniste was right. See:

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