Andrew Holster

Dr. Andrew Holster is an independent researcher and writer from Te Kuiti, New Zealand. He has a PhD in philosophy of science. His scientific research interests are primarily in: alternative foundations of physics and time, semantics and information theory.

Dr. Holster discusses truly revolutionary new discoveries in water research that many believe is the start of a truly new chapter in the history of water research that is probably as important as the discovery of DNA and the Double Helix by Crick and Watson in 1953.

French Professor Jacques Beneniste originally discovered that water has memory in the 1980s – see: His research was confirmed by the work of the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan – see:

Because water does in fact have memory, others have discovered that information can be transferred by water. See: See also: B.P. Surinov, K.G. Hachumova, E.P. Germanov, A.A. Fedorenko. “Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles” at: See:

Water based computers were used during the time of Atlantis; the technology to achieve a new quantum breakthrough with water in new organic computers could be just around the corner. See interview with Stefano de Mathias at: on 11/18/17 and 9/9/16 on Out of this World Radio.

I hope you can all listen to this revolutionary radio broadcast on the greatest scientific breakthrough in over 60 years!

September 28, 2018