Penelope Hayes and Carole Borgens

Penelope Hayes and Carole Borgens are the authors of Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late!

The book is amazing!  Can you imagine receiving answers to your most thought-provoking questions about life on Earth spanning topics such as historical events to present-day environmental issues? That’s what happened when author and viralenologist Penelope Jean Hayes communicated with the Divine Wisdom Source whom self-introduced as “Pax,” channeled through intuitive Carole Serene Borgens. What ensued was the writing of Do Unto Earth, an urgent message to humanity about planetary healing.

We are advised to look to the wisdom of the First Nations peoples for guidance on harmonious living with the natural world, resource management, and the development of our innate intuitive abilities. Further, Pax says that each person’s contribution to collective consciousness becomes the global power necessary to affect change for unity, peace, and environmental repair.

However, what is perhaps most surprising is the multitude of future technological advancements revealed by Pax, including strong hints at the fuel solution for interstellar travel at lightspeed, the replacement for all plastics and crude oil, and what’s to come in communication devices. Exploring further, author Hayes asks about our historical mysteries such as the construction of the Great Pyramids, the movement of the stones at Stonehenge, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the cause of magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle, the truth about Roswell in 1947, the usefulness of Dark Matter in space, and many more longstanding human curiosities—all answered in this extraordinary conversation.

The wisdom within these pages is uplifting and inspirational, and it provides tangible recommendations and solutions for the biggest concerns of our time.