Cari Corbet-Owen

Cari Corbet-Owen is a South African trained Clinical Psychologist, speaker, author and longevity expert.

She is the author of numerous acclaimed books, including her “Mind over Fatter Programme”, in which she “takes on the myth that broccoli + gym = thin = healthy and challenges the notion that we are merely a bunch of cells, skin, muscle and bones because there is another powerful component to our health and well being about to be revealed to you. Throw out your scale, tune into your amazing body and learn the biggest secret ingredient to sustainable weight control. Follow the snippets of practical, down to earth, wisdom from the many patients who have graced her therapy rooms and international workshops.”

She writes that her “passion may be helping people free themselves to live the best life they can. A life with vitality, energy, happiness and health, and without pills, powders, potions. I may get a thrill  researching the most cutting edge science on health and longevity and studying those people who live to 100+ to uncover how, instead of having deteriorating health, they maintain vibrant health to the end.

And I may have  presented seminars internationally, appeared on various TV and radio shows, had my opinions featured in multiple magazines and worked with corporate such as Metropolitan Health and Kellogg. But that’s just frosting, where it really matters …..YOU AND I HAVE A LOT IN COMMON even though….

You, have a different life. You most likely have a different career than me, have dreams that are different to mine, and have different things that light your fire  but here’s what I know for sure … We both want to live vibrant and full lives … We both want to live better longer.”

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April 27, 2018