Pleiadian Messages

I will be giving messages from the Pleiadians, with Asara Adams, who is channels the Pleiadains. See: The Pleiadians (aka: the “Seven Sisters”) live about 400 light years from planet Earth. They are human, and look just like us; many of us were seeded from them many thousands of years ago. They have many ships now around planet Earth to help with our ascension process and to help with the ongoing war against the remnants of the Reptilians and the negative humans in the Cabal, or Deep State. If you now look up in the sky (especially at night), you will clearly see their ships!

The Pleiadians are coming here to assist and change the consciousness of this planet to a higher vibration. And they said that my radio show is a very significant part of that consciousness change to a higher vibration. They heard us when we asked for their help after the particle beam weapons were used in Paradise and Malibu California; they say, “we are now here”.

The tiredness that many people have been feeling worldwide are from the higher energies which we and the Galactic Alliance are sending to you now. If you are tired, please know that there is nothing wrong; your body is just taking extra time to adjust to the new energies. However, please try to get extra sleep if possible, and try to spend as much time as possible in nature – this will really help! Mother Earth will help you adjust to the new vibrations – she loves you so much! And she wants as many people as possible to come with her as she ascends into the 4th and then 5th Dimensions.

The Pleiadians are also sending everyone on this planet many messages on Ascension. Please be open to it; they are here, and they will not leave until many of us ascend into the 5thDimension.

As U.S. President John F. Kennedy has said, this process would have been completed in the early 1960s had the Cabal not murdered him. But it is the destiny of this Earth to ascend into the higher dimensions — this process is now really accelerating.

Bush Senior was part of the Cabal. His energy was taken away from him right after the so-called “fires” in California, because being on Earth is not a right, but a priviledge. It was time for him to leave and go to Earth’s sister planet on the other side of this solar system. Bush Senior’s death was also a way to distract people from what had happened in Paradise and Malibu California. On the other hand, his death was also a message that the good entities were stepping in.

For negative entities like Bush Senior (who refused to change), a negative Earth-like sister planet has been created in the lower Third Dimension, where they will live out their karma for the next Mayan k’atun cycle of 25,800 years. We wish them well, and hope they will make better choices on this other planet. However, Mother Earth has had enough of them; she does not want these negative entities back.

The Pleiadians say there is nothing in the media now about the California fires or even Fukushima – this intentional because the Cabal does not want you to become aware. However, because the Cabal will not take Bush Senior’s exit seriously, they say that there will be another negative entity who will exit soon (probably in Europe).

The Pleiadians or the “Seven Sisters” are all here to help humanity ascend! They are humans just like us; many (if not most) of us here on Earth were seeded from them so many years ago.

This is an exciting and wonderful time to be alive, for all of you have waited many, many years and many, many lifetimes for the ascension of the Earth and humanity to the higher dimensions. Please welcome our benevolent space brothers and sisters and be open to their messages of love and light!

December 21, 2018