May 1, 2015



Spiritual Messages

As a psychic, my accuracy rate is between 90 and 100 percent. Sometimes I am contacted by spirits who want to convey advice and messages to their family and friends. I have been doing this for over 20 years, and it is now as easy for me to talk to a spirit in the 5th Dimension as it is to talk to someone in this 3rd Dimension physical reality.

Several times this week, I have been asked how I talk to talk to spirits on the other side, and to be honest, I can not explain exactly how I do it – I just do it. It’s a little bit like walking, because how do I explain how people walk, or even ride a bicycle? But I think communicating with the other side can be learned; I will try to explain …

I think everyone has the ability to talk to the other side, but people sometimes don’t have the confidence to develop these abilities. I was very lucky to have my wonderful foster mother (Teri) who helped me develop my psychic abilities. Teri was a master psychic who helped police departments in the Seattle, Washington USA area find lost and missing children and she was very good at what she did. However, she told me that it was, of course, at time depressing work because sometimes she would help locate children who had been murdered or abused.

The main way spirits on the other side communicate is through thought. The physical dimensions of the 5th Dimension are just as real as the physical dimensions of this 3rd Dimension, but it is different in the sense that when spirits communicate with us in this 3rd Dimension, they use thought as the main way to communicate. They may also communicate through animals, clouds, and other objects as well. Another way a spirit can communicate is to materialize a penny – I call a “penny from heaven” – usually face up (Abraham Lincoln’s face upward) in front of you. I have had this happen many, many times. For example, sometimes when I am driving long distances, I will stop at a rest stop, and when I return to my car, a “penny from heaven” will be on the ground, right in front of the door to my car. This is the spirits’ way to let you know that they are with you and helping and protecting you.

Other ways spirits come through is through light, especially during sunsets, where orbs of light will appear. The easiest way to see these orbs is to simply take a photograph, and you will see the orbs appearing in the light. I’ve done this many, many times! Since each spirit has a particular color (which depends on their soul purpose and spiritual development), I can always tell who is with me. My wonderful and loving father, for example, is a reddish color, and my brother (Robert) is a blue orb. On the other hand, my sister (Lisa) is a greenish/yellow color, and Aunt Sophie is a pure white color. The red color can be a very powerful color and the blue color indicates that the spirit is interested in it’s soul purpose.

The color of my aura is blue because I am interested in my soul purpose. White is the perfect color, closest to God (the prime creator); yellow is a very happy color and green is for healing. If you are a doctor or nurse, the color of your soul would likely be green since this is the color for healing.

If anyone out there has any questions on the color of their soul, or they would like a psychic reading, please either call or email me. My phone number is (509) 750-9793 or 1-888-879-8339 or my email is:

My friends, I hope you find this useful!!! And I hope you all have a wonderful and very happy week!!!

With love and light, for a better and happier planet!

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