July 10, 2015

The Universe is teeming with life!!

Last weekend, I was honored to be at a UFO Conference sponsored by James Guilliland at his UFO ranch in Trout Lake, Washington.  His ranch is located in Trout Lake, Washington at the foot of beautiful Mt. Adams…

James is a long time UFO and ET contactee.  At his ranch, UFOs regularly land and there is actual contact.  James is also a healer and is in touch with many ascended masters.  While I was at his ranch, I personally saw at least several dozen UFOs including 5th and 6th Dimensional craft from the Pleadians and other craft from the Galactic Alliance.  The colors of the Pleadian and Galactic Alliance craft are either yellow, blue, or pink…. The colors of the negative Reptilian craft are reddish due to their use of a different propulsion system… Several craft “powered up” for us while I and others were watching the night skies, and there were also several flyovers the first day by U.S. Air Force Planes dumping poisonous chemicals on the ranch, in an apparent attempt to poison us… There is a healing vortex on the ranch where James called in benevolent ETs, and seven Pleadian orbs came to the prayer circle and did healing on all of us present.  There was a group of Japanese tourists as well as a film group headed by Peter Slattery from Melbourne, Australia.  His interview can be found on U Tube at:  http://youtube/KJDGy_iNnSo  I was there while they were filming and I personally saw the UFOs in this video!!

During the healing session, the 7 Pleadian orbs came into my body, and when they did, pink energy came streaming from my heart, and the rest of my body was covered in a healing light of purple and magenta … You could actually see the orbs; they were about 5 or 6 inches across and they did some amazing and wonderful work on me!! James also did a healing on me, and Metatron (a powerful angelic spirit) visited me, and helped restore my energy. I had had a really busy last several weeks and my energy was low, but after that healing, I felt wonderful, with increased energy levels and a clarity of mind and positive purpose!!  My visit to ECETI was something I will NEVER forget!!!   James’ website is: www.eceti.com

P1010612The other thing that I saw were UFOs going in and out of the top of Mt. Adams; they apparently enter the mountain to gain access to hidden inhabited areas behind the mountain. There were also many many orbs present!  These orbs were both ETs, and other human and animal and nature spirits. (see attached photograph)

This past weekend is one that I will never forget, because it was truly Out of this World!!!

I have also been in contact with the Galactic Alliance for the past year… For those interested in contacting these wonderful benevolent beings, please call me at (509) 750-9793 or 1-888-879-8339 (toll free), or email me at: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com   I would be happy to forward any questions to them, if you like.

I hope you all have a wonderful and happy week!!!

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