Interview With John F. Kennedy

Interview with President Kennedy at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas

While at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on June 18th, 2017, I psychically contacted President Kennedy and spoke to him about his assassination, who did it and why, and what would have happened to the U.S. and the world if he had lived.

This is one interview that is really Out of this World!

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June 23, 2017


3 thoughts on “Interview With John F. Kennedy


    WOW!! What GREAT information you’ve disclosed to the world regarding JFK’s assassination. Many thanks!

    1. otw1150 Post author

      Hi Danielle, please try again. If you are unable to make it play, please use the download button below the mpe to save it to your personal device. Hopefully this will resolve the issue for you! Thanks so much for listening.


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