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Ted’s broadcast with Rob on 12.12.14


Rob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Europe and USA. He has a weekly radio show on Revolution Radio called “The Victory of Light” at on Studio A Sundays from 8-10-pm New York time/ 5-7pm Los Angeles time. He has another show on and this show is on Thursdays 7PM EST and 4PM PST.

He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975. He was ordained into the Royal Order of Melchizadech through Dr. Frank Stranges and the Venusian Commander Valiant Thor. He is working with a fellow Contactee named Cobra to prepare people for the “Event.” Rob has authored much of the information and important work that can be found on He has traveled extensively is search for truth and has spent time with Sai Baba in India.

At 22 Rob was invited to the desert by the Ascended “Master Hilarion” via Gabriel Green to meet a “Teacher.” The “Teacher” was one of the ET’s original earth military allies. He experienced his first physical contact with 3 witnesses present. Rob has spent much of his time studying the extra-terrestrials. He has met several ET’s in person. He has done many radio and newspaper interviews including 3 appearances on Coast to Coast and Ted Mahrs “Out of This World” radio show. Rob travels around the world sharing the profound aspects of the ongoing process we know as “Interplanetary Cultural Exchange.”

Rob loves sharing advanced healing and manifestation technologies utilizing laser light, sound and color in conjunction with tesla coils, scalar waves, Quantum entanglement technologies, pyramidal arrays and sacred geometry crystal tachyon chambers. Rob is considered an expert in Pyramidology and the uses of crystals and Lasers for advanced quantum field healing. Rob is sharing the healing technology given to Fred Bell during his over 35 year of developing and making these devices gifted to them from the Pleiadeans. He was also inside The Kings Chamber in Egypt on December 21st 2012. Rob was also travelled to Bosnia with JJ Hurtak and Dr Sam Osmanagich the discoverer of the world’s largest known pyramid.

He produces his own Mt. Shasta Conference every year. This year from Aug. 19th-25th his speaker line-up includes the one and only Ted Mahr! Ted will Join Rob, Scott Lemriel, Alex Collier, James Gilliland and certainly not least Omnec Onec the woman who came to earth from Venus. You may learn more about this event and what will transpire for 5 magical days here

His Radio show Victory of the Light archives can be listened to here.

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