Judy Cali

Judy Cali is from Southern California, and she is one of the best psychics I have ever met! She is in touch will the Ascended Masters, including Hilarion (the Ascended Master of Healing), and Archangel Gabriel, as well as Mikos and others from the Hollow Earth. In 2005 she channeled Mikos, Lemurian Telosian of Inner Earth for The Wesak Festival in New York City. Also she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a Documentary on Atlantis & The Bermuda Triangle, still shown today on The Sci Fi Channel.

Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama of Inner Earth, asked Judy to come to Mount Shasta to help form a community called Heart to Heart. She & Karma honored the call of the mountain and their Lemurian Family & moved to Mount Shasta, Ca in July 2009. Judy absolutely loves sharing her gifts & talents of her Sacred Heart with others thru teaching, guest speaking and doing personal Intuitive Readings, Healing & Channeling work with people all over the world.

She will be giving us live, direct messages from these beautiful ascended masters and the Hollow Earth – this is one interview that you will not want to miss! It should be really Out of this World!