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In July 2011, Dr. Masuro Emoto established the non-profit organization the Emoto Peace Project based upon his years of one-of-a-kind world-famous research into the spirituality of water. Dr. Emoto succeeded in visually capturing the crystalline of water at the moment of freezing, and gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research that water retains information and is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. He discovered that every substance is emitting “Hado” (subtle vibration) that we cannot see or feel and that water is the media to transmit such information. As Dr. Emoto’s research on water shows, water exposed to negative Hado (vibration) such as bad words, ugly music, bad thoughts, does not form crystal, where water that is exposed to a positive and beautiful Hado vibration, such as good words, good thoughts, and beautiful music, prayers, etc., form beautiful hexagonal crystals.

From many years studying water, Dr. Emoto has learned that good Hado vibration can change bad Hado vibration for the better, that collective consciousness doubles its energy. Thus when we have the same good thoughts together, it will change this world for the better stronger and faster.

The most beautiful water crystal that Dr. Emoto obtained in this past 20 years is the one showing the words “Love and Gratitude” to water and its best balance is “one love and two gratitudes.” The creator above us is constantly showering LOVE equally to all beings on this earth, so we shall all receive it with double gratitude. Therefore the cycle of Love and Gratitude will last forever and everyone will live happily and peacefully.

Water and consciousness

Through water crystal technology, we have learned that our human consciousness is related to water at deeper level. This fact has resonated with different people in different countries. However, it has not been taught at schools yet. The words, thank you have positive vibrations and the words you fool have negative vibrations and to ignore is to deny the existence itself and this will give the most negative effects.

Dr. Emoto passed away October 17, 2014. The new director of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan is Michiko Hayashi and the North American Director of the Emoto Peace Office based in New Jersey is Lindsay Hemp.

December 12, 2014
Second 30 minutes: The important work of the Emoto Peace Project with Michiko Hayashi, new Director of the Emoto Peace Project and Lindsay Hemp, North American Director


November 21, 2014
(Tribute to Dr. Masuro Emoto)

FIRST HOUR: Michiko Hayashi, Director of the Emoto Peace Project, Tokyo

SECOND HOUR: Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, International Secretary to the late Dr. Emoto


To read more about the Emoto Peace Project, please visit the website at:

Ted’s interview with Dr. Emoto on July 25, 2014


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