Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto


Y Nemoto

Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto received his Doctorate of Science in Cellular & Molecular Biology from University of Tokyo in 1988. He took several university positions in Japan, Miami and Honolulu in the fields of biology and biotechnology before being hired by Dr. Masuru Emoto in 2002 as his international secretary. For over 13 years, he accompanied Dr. Emoto during his lecture tours in over 25 different countries

In July of 2002, Dr. Emoto and Dr. Nemoto started Project to “Send Love and Thanks to Water” and organized “Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water” performed yearly worldwide, including the Sea of Galilee in Israel, Bongert Place in Liechtenstein, Lake Biwa in Japan and Lake Baikal in Russia, and online participants as well.

Dr. Nemoto has been also in charge of the scientific aspect of Dr. Emoto’s work and states that his purpose in life is to integrate science and spirituality through the study of water. Very recently, he has begun a seminar series to explain the possible relationship between “Message from Water” and the scientific theories about water proposed by the late Dr. Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Gerald Pollack and Dr. Luc Montagnier.

From September to October, 2014, Dr. Nemoto did a 4-week lecture tour in Germany, UK, Italy and Bulgaria on behalf of the ailing Dr. Emoto and gave 13 successful lectures on “Message from Water and Science” to receptive audiences including the International Water Conference in Bulgaria for professional scientists.

Currently, Dr. Nemoto is the Director of IHM General Institute and Manager of Executive Office of IHM.