Clean Water for Children and Hopi Indian tribe

Clean Water for the Hopi Indians and children of Mexico, with Michiko Hayashi and the Clean Water Foundation.

Please join me in this special show with:

These amazing guests have combined their efforts to bring clean water to the Hopi Indians of Arizona, and the children of Guadalajara, Mexico.

After the U.S. Federal Government refused to fund clean water for the Hopi, Michiko, Leon, Martha, and Ted Mahr of Out of this World all decided to raise money to fund clean water filters for the Hopi and now the children of Guadalajara. Water filters are now being delivered to the Hopi Indians in Arizona, so they can drink clean water. Currently, the Hopis are drinking Arsenic contaminated water that is carcinogenic. However, with all of us working together, I know we will have a much better and happier world!

I hope you can all listen and join in this fascinating and very special program of the positive things we are doing to provide clean water to the Hopis and the children of Guadalajara, Mexico!

August 31, 2018