Mt. Shasta Spiritual Trip 2018

For the last few years, I have been leading groups to Mt. Shasta, California to see Telos, UFOs, and Sasquatch.

Mt. Shasta is considered by many to be the root chakra of planet Earth. Located about 250 miles from San Francisco, Shasta has many powerful energy vortexes. It contains entrances and portals to the Hollow Earth.

In Spring of 2016, I led a group where six people actually physically went into Telos and Shambala, the ancient Lemurian cities beneath the mountain. Other people actually met people from Telos on the mountain. Several people were taken aboard benevolent UFOs from the Hollow Earth. Others met Adama and St. Germain. Still others interacted with Sasquatch. Everyone had many wonderful mystical experiences. Please see my interviews with the people who went into Telos and Shambala, and others who had other mystical, spiritual experiences at:

For replays of my 2017 trips, please visit: Mt Shasta Spiritual Trip September 2017 

I am in telepathic contact with the Telosians, and they have recommended people follow special spiritual protocols, including not eating any meat within 3 weeks before departure date (if you want to visit the Hollow Earth). If you do insist on eating meat, they recommend that you at least meditate, bless the food and contact the animal or fish spirit to ask for their permission to eat them. There are also additional spiritual protocols for the trip — when people register, I will be happy to send out the protocols. I will also be giving psychic readings during the tour.

The Telosians tell me that the water at Mt. Shasta is very special – they say that it actually comes from the Hollow Earth and contains anti-cancer properties. I can tell everyone more about this when they register for the trip.

October 12, 2018

While at Mt. Shasta last month in September 2018, Adama (the High Priest of Telos) healed his eyes. For the past 42 years, he has had blurry far sighted 40/20 or 50/20 vision in his right eye. However, Adama healed his right eye, so he now has perfect 15/20 or 10/20 vision in both his right and left eyes! Ted has told two days ago that he could transfer this healing to his listeners, so on today’s show, he will try to heal the eyesight of everyone listening who need healing. I hope you can all listen to this amazing, Out of this World radio show!


September 2018

This September’s show features Bryan Tighman, Judy Cali, myself and others channeling the spirits and people of Telos and the Hollow Earth, with messages for humanity on our bright, beautiful future! The planet is rapidly ascending into the higher dimensions, and the people of Telos sincerely want to help us on our ascension process. Some people from Telos already live and work in the Mt. Shasta area, and as the vibrations of this Earth continue to increase, they will come to the surface more and more.

Tami Chapman from Minnesota came on my trip to Mt. Shasta in 2017, and the Sasquatch and the people of Telos and the Hollow Earth healed Tami’s legs so she could walk again. For the first time in 30 years, she able to walk normally again. For the September 21 show Tami and I will be discussing her Out of this World interview of a miracle healing!

Update for the September 2018 trip!
Many miracles happened:

  1. A man who had had ALS was partially cured and he was able to walk freely again after 30 years
  2. Perfect eyesight was restored to a young man from Vancovuer, Canada – he no longer needs glasses
  3. Perfect 20/15 vision was also restored to me (Ted Mahr) after 42 years of blurred far sight vision in my right eye

We also met an Earth Angel, and saw UFOs which zig-zagged across the sky for us every night; Sasquatch danced across the road and daily visited our camp; Adama and the Telosians visited us day and night, giving us messages about our beautiful bright future! Anthony Federok from Los Angeles, and Jason Armstrong from Vancouver, Canada, and show host Ted Mahr will all share their experiences on this awesome and truly Out of this World spiritual trip!


September 21 (More Miracles on Mt. Shasta, beginning at 06:05 through 16:05)


September 14 (Miracles on Mt. Shasta)


September 7 (live from Mt. Shasta)


July 2018

During the spring of 2018 trip to Mt. Shasta, five of the six people in my prayer circle actually did go into Telos, and we all had some really amazing experiences! Several spirits from Telos are with me now, helping to guide me.

Mt. Shasta contains many entrances to the Hollow Earth, and we always see lot of Sasquatch, UFOs, and the people of Telos! If you would like to come along on this wonderful spiritual journey to Mt. Shasta, the cost is only $200 and there are some places left. For information, please email Ted at or call (509) 750-9793. On the show, Bryan and I will be channeling messages from Adama and the other great spirits of the Hollow Earth. I hope you all can listen to this Out of This World show!

July 20 (Recap)