Mt. Shasta Spiritual Trip

For the last few years, I have been leading groups to Mt. Shasta, California to see Telos, UFOs, and Sasquatch! This year, our first trip was from July 2-8 and will be going again September 6-11.

Mt. Shasta is considered by many to be the root chakra of planet Earth. Located about 250 miles from San Francisco, Shasta has many powerful energy vortexes. It contains entrances and portals to the Hollow Earth.

In Spring of 2016, I led a group where six people actually physically went into Telos and Shambala, the ancient Lemurian cities beneath the mountain. Other people actually met people from Telos on the mountain. Several people were taken aboard benevolent UFOs from the Hollow Earth. Others met Adama and St. Germain. Still others interacted with Sasquatch. Everyone had many wonderful mystical experiences. Please see my interviews with the people who went into Telos and Shambala, and others who had other mystical, spiritual experiences at:

During my most recent trip to Mt. Shasta, five of the six people in my prayer circle actually did go into Telos, and we all had some really amazing experiences! Several spirits from Telos are with me now, helping to guide me.

I am in telepathic contact with the Telosians, and they have recommended people follow special spiritual protocols, including not eating any meat within 3 weeks before departure date (if you want to visit the Hollow Earth). If you do insist on eating meat, they recommend that you at least meditate, bless the food and contact the animal or fish spirit to ask for their permission to eat them. There are also additional spiritual protocols for the trip — when people register, I will be happy to send out the protocols. I will also be giving psychic readings during the tour.

The Telosians tell me that the water at Mt. Shasta is very special – they say that it actually comes from the Hollow Earth and contains anti-cancer properties. I can tell everyone more about this when they register for the trip.

We will also be meeting the famous author Dianne Robins (author of many books on Telos and the Hollow Earth), who lives in Mt. Shasta, and Michiko Hayashi (Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan). Michiko will be giving a presentation on Dr. Emoto’s Messages from Water; she will also doing a very special spiritual water ceremony to clean the Earth and to help clean up the radiation from Fukushima. See: or

The cost is $200 which includes free dry camping right on Mt. Shasta next to an entrance to the Telos and Hollow Earth. To register, please email Ted at: or call: (509) 750-9793. For those who do not want to camp, there is also a large cabin with a shower and bed available for $16 per person. If you would like to reserve the cabin, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make arrangements for you.

This trip should be a really life changing trip!

July 20, 2018